Generation Ships – Stop the world I want to get off

NASA-Apollo8-Dec24-EarthriseIf you are wanting to opt out of the cradle of humanity, there really isn’t a viable option at the moment. Our attempt to move humans elsewhere has been thought about in great detail in a variety of scientific thought experiments and of course, science fiction stories. It is however still not a reality.

The reasons for throwing all of your possession in a transport vehicle and clearing off somewhere else range from finding a better life to avoiding famine, plague, disasters or conflict. Maybe there is better resource availability or more freedom. Of course it could just be pure greed that is motivating you. Earths capability to support the current population growth and resource usage is slowly but surely moving towards the no return tipping point.

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Joe Emtigoe is the pen name of Joe Molloy, who is a freelance technical consultant, project manager and writer, based in London, UK.

Joe is in the middle of writing his first novel called "Heartless Sun".